850 milligrams of lunar soil samples arrive in Dongguan
2021-09-13 09:03     Source : Dongguan Today

The Eight hundred fifty milligrams of the lunar soil samples distributed to Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory.

Eight hundred fifty milligrams of the lunar soil samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 mission arrived in Dongguan City on September 7, distributed to Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory for analysis and research.

"These precious sample belongs to the Chinese people. This is a recognition of Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory's scientific research team, experimental capabilities, and construction results," said Wang En'ge, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chairman of Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory at the reception ceremony.

As the first batch of laboratories in Guangdong Province, Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory has an advanced platform for material structure and composition testing, neutron and electron microscope technology, and a team of academicians and first-class scientific research talents. Via its platforms and technologies, the laboratory can study the microstructure, stability mechanism and fine electronic structure of lunar soil's main elements, as well as the physical and chemical properties of lunar soil on the "nano-molecule-atom" scale.

Next year, the laboratory's research team will study the history and evolution of lunar geology and the environment from the perspective of materials. Based on the research on the physical properties of the lunar soil, a series of technical research such as the collection and utilization of lunar water ice resources, oxygen production, metal extraction, and extraterrestrial artificial photosynthesis technology will be carried out, as well as lunar soil 3D printing. This research is expected to provide technical verification and support for China's manned moon landing project and the construction of lunar scientific research stations.

Editor: 谭晶
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