The annual Labor-Selling Festival kicks off in Dongkeng Township of Dongguan on February 27 (February 2nd of the lunar calendar), which attracted thousands o...
The 13th Qiaotou Lotus Flowers Festival began on 23rd June in Qiaotou Township of Dongguan City.
In China, there are a lot of traditional routines to do before and during the Chinese New Year.If you are interested in adopting any of the local customs, ju...
According to the lunar calendar, 5th May is the official day of the Dragon Boat Festival, and as it looms closer, Dongguanese use Zongzi as a bridge of frien...
With improved standards of living, choice food becomes affordable all year round. Therefore, people no longer display an insatiable craving for food during t...
Moon cakes are the most popular and important food eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Various types of moon cakes are placed in the most prominent places ...
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